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Why should you request a personalized Social Security Maximization analysis and what will it do for you?

Social security is enormously complex and representatives are NOT ALLOWED to advise you on your best claiming strategies. You only have one chance to get this right because after 12 months your decision is FINAL –there are no DO-OVER’S. Making the wrong decision now could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime benefits later just when you may need money the most? Our proprietary social security planning software (not to be confused with the typical free online breakeven calculators) takes all of the guess work out of how and when to file for benefits.

Our free and easy to understand personalized social security maximization analysis reveals:

  1. The optimal time/age for you to file for benefits
  2. The pros and cons of filing early at age 62
  3. How to increase your monthly checks by as much as 72%
  4. How to reduce or eliminate the up to 85% tax on 50% of your social security benefits
  5. How to minimize taxes when continuing to working while collecting benefits
  6. What strategies to use to guarantee the largest check possible so you’re not leaving well deserved money on the table
  7. Special strategies for married couples, divorced individuals and widows and widowers
  8. How to have a guaranteed income for life so that you never outlive your money in retirement
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Why do we offer free reports, what’s the catch and how do we get paid?

We offer free social security maximization reports as community service because it’s an inexpensive way for us to advertise while providing a valuable service for hard working people in the community to ensure they receive the maximum benefits their entitled to. We guarantee this is a no cost, no catch, no obligation, no pressure no strings attached offer. If you’re skeptical, we welcome you to request your free personalized analysis anonymously. We are so confident that after you see the true value of our free analysis you will give us an opportunity to earn your trust and you will do like so many other people did before you and reciprocate with referrals however they are NEVER expected, requested or required. Click this link to request your free report Click this link to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone Q&A