Mike Fiedler Mike Fiedler, founder of Advocates for Retirement Readiness has been in the financial services business since 1989. He has helped hundreds of people accomplish their retirement goals by teaching them a little-known IRS approved tax-free retirement strategy used by some of the largest corporations, millionaires, politicians and the wealthiest people in the know. His Social Security Maximization software (this is not the typical breakeven calculator offered online) will reveal your optimal age of when to apply for benefits, what filing strategies to use and generate an easy to understand personalized report to ensure you do not leave well deserved money on the table that the social security administration is waiting to pay you. Whether you are still in the workforce, nearing retirement, or already retired, Mike uses his vast knowledge of financial products, social security benefits and the tax code coupled with the most advanced retirement planning software in the industry, assuring his clients a guaranteed tax-free income they can never outlive in retirement. His Tax Free retirement savings model fulfills all of the five money needs.
  1. Growth
  2. Income
  3. Safety
  4. Liquidity
  5. Tax Efficiency
Mike Fiedler has the expertise to teach you how to reduce broker fees and commissions, eliminate market risk so you can avoid sleepless nights and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars of income taxes needlessly during retirement. His retirement Ready or Not software is designed to help those who are just starting a retirement savings plan and identify any financial shortfalls in advance for those who have already an established retirement account and are nearing retirement.